dedicated servers

The next service provided by ROM Hosting is of a dedicated server. A dedicated server means that it will only be used for hosting a single website. This is an ideal option when it comes to websites, that have enough traffic. By opting for a dedicated server for your website, you will be able to operate the same smoothly.

However, the cost of a dedicated server can be twice as much, then a shared hosting space. This is one of the biggest reasons why people opt for a shared hosting, rather than the dedicated server. But here are some advantages of using a dedicated server.

hosting server

Nothing is shared

The biggest advantage of using a dedicated server is that you do not need to share the space with other websites. Even if the traffic on your website is not high enough, there are chances that the server might be affected due to other websites. This can be a major problem as shared server usually gets locked due to multiple websites been active.


Total security

When it comes to the security level of servers a dedicated one is always better than the shared hosting. Not only does it provide more stability in case of a high traffic. But is also a reliable source of hosting. Besides with the help of a dedicated server you don't have to worry about sharing space with spammers and malicious websites.


Customisation flexibility

There are a lot of components when it comes to a server. For example CPU, Ram, software and disk space. When you purchase a dedicated server, you are able to customise these needs as per your requirement. In case of a shared hosting, these options are not available. This situation can prove to be a limitation for website owners.